Rose-ringed parakeet

Rose-ringed parakeet, Photo: Asif Ishtiaque

টিয়া / সবুজ টিয়া

Psittacula krameri , (Scopoli,1769)

রাজ্য / Kingdom: Animalia
বর্গ / Order: Psittaciformes
পরিবার / Family: Psittaculidae
গন / Genus: Psittacula
প্রজাতি / Species: P. krameri

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It is one of the most familiar among the commonly seen Indian birds. It is about 40-42 cm in length and weighs about 95-140 gm. It is mostly green with male having  a black and rose-pink collar. Female lacks this feature. It has yellowish green face, abdomen and under wing coverts. Its nape and back of the head is washed with blue. It has got a characteristic chin stripe. Blackish-red bill has a black tip and feet is greenish- grey. Its iris is yellowish white. Juveniles resembles the female but has a pale pink bill.

Food habit: It forms a large band during feeding time. Seeds, berries, flower nectar etc are stapled. They have a bad reputation of being highly destructive to crops as they seem to waste more than they can eat.

Call: A loud sharp screaming keeak-keeak-keaak. Flight is swift with rapid wing beats.

Nesting and breeding habit:  January to June is usually the breeding season, although it varies region to region. It makes its nest in hollows of the trees which maybe natural or dug by the bird itself. It also seen making nests in holes in rock scrapes, walls in urban areas.

Eggs are 4-6 in number and pure white and roundish oval in shape. Both parents share the chores.

Habitat: They are usually seen in cultivated areas, urban parks, gardens, open countryside, dry and open forests, lowland jungles etc. This is among the most common cage birds throughout Asia.

Distribution: It can be seen throughout Indian region, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar and many places throughout the Asian and African region.


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