Purple Swamphen

Purple Swamphen, Photo: Mofazzal Hoque Dewan

কালিম / কায়েম

Porphyrio porphyrio

রাজ্য / Kingdom: Animalia
বর্গ / Order: Gruiformes
পরিবার / Family: Rallidae
গন / Genus: Porphyrio
প্রজাতি / Species: P.porphyrio

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Purple swamphen is a large rail with dusky blue color above with a broad dark blue collar. It has dark blue/ purple underpart. It has red bill, orange-red leg and feet. It flicks its tail up and down during walking revealing its white undertail. Its legs are elongated and toed trail behind in flight.

It wanders around in small groups around fresh water swamps, streams and marshes. It mainly feeds on soft shoots of reed and small animals.


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