Peregrine falcon

Peregrine falcon, Photo: Masud Mushfiq Zaman

শাহিন / বহেরি বাজ / আগুনে বাজ

Falco peregrinus, Tunstall, 1771

রাজ্য / Kingdom:Animalia
বর্গ / Order:Falconiformes
পরিবার / Family:Falconidae
গন / Genus:Falco
প্রজাতি / Species:F. peregrinus

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Peregrine falcon is one of the world’s fastest flyers. It can reach upto a mammoth 200 miles per hour. In addition to that it is the largest falcon. It has long pointed wings and a long tail. It is 14-19 inches in length, weighing upto 530-1600 gm. Its wingspan is measured 3.3-3.6 feet. It has a lifespan of upto 17 years.

Adults are blue-gray on above with barred underparts and have thick sideburns on the head. Juveniles are heavily marked with vertical streaks.

Food habit: It hunts by flying very high and upon spotting any prey it strikes with massive speed and knocks the prey down and feeds on the ground where it falls. It mainly feeds on medium-sized birds, pigeons, ducks, gulls, small songbirds, bats etc.

Male and female may mate for life. Eggs are numbered 3-4 on average coloring in whitish to pale reddish-brown. Female takes care of the eggs and male hunts and bring the food for the female and the offspring.

They usually nest in skyscrapers, cliffs, power pillars, mountain range and often near the water along the coast.


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