Nature Study Newsletter, July 2018

The Monthly Newsletter of – Nature Study Society of Bangladesh (NSSB). Vol. 1, Issue 1, July, 2018


Happy New Year and welcome to our new Magazine. This is one of our long lasting endeavours to publish something that could reach the public easily and on a regular basis.
It is very encouraging that public responded enthusiastically to whatever we published so far. First we started publishing `NISHORGA’, a small folded newsletter from our Notre Dame Nature Study Club and it gained a huge popularity instead of its sporadic publication. Now we have changed it in a booklet form. Then we started publishing a website –, the first web-magazine in Bengali on Nature issues. It has now gained so much popularity that at least 30,000 viewer visit it every month. Very shortly we are again going to publish another website –
We are still hopeful that this magazine -` Nature Study’, will also gain popularity within a very short time. It is a public magazine and non-political, non-commercial and non-scientific. Anybody can get and go through it easily and can write freely in it, for at least we could do something to protect or conserve the environment. We expect that this will be a quarterly issue, but if possible we will turn it to a regular monthly.
I would like to express my gratitude to everybody concerned with this publication and expect all out co-operation in the days to come. Anybody can be a member or our society or this magazine and help support us both -morally and financially. Thank you.

Nature News


চিঠিপত্র কলাম:

পাঠকদের মনের কথা

সুপ্রিয় পাঠকবৃন্দ
শুভেচ্ছা নেবেন। আপনাদের ও আমাদের মনের হাজারো প্রশ্ন এবং তার উত্তর নিয়েই আমাদের যাত্রা শুরু। পরিবেশ বা প্রকৃতি আমাদের সবার। এর দেখাশুনা বা রক্ষণাবেক্ষণ আমাদের সবার নৈতিক দায়িত্ব। এ বিষয়ে গণসচেতনতা জাগাতেই আমাদের এ পত্রিকাটির পদচারণা। আমরা যদি জনগণের মনের সত্যিকারের পরিবেশ প্রীতি ও পরিবেশ চর্চার সূচনা ঘটাতে পারি, তবেই আমাদের এ সাধনা সফল হবে।
আমরা জানি আপনারা অনেককিছু ভাবেন, গবেষণা করেন বা অন্ততঃ এ নিয়ে আলোচনা করেন। তাই আমরা আশা করবো এখন থেকে আপনার এ ভাবনাতে আমরাও যেন শরীক হতে পারি আর তার সাথে সাথে দেশের জনগণও। হতে পারে, আপনি যেই হোন, যে বয়সেরই হোন না কেন – আপনার চিন্তার সূত্র ধরেই ভবিষ্যতে বিশাল গবেষণার সূত্রপাত হবে। তাই আমরা বিশ্বাস করি আমাদের সকলেরই চিন্তাপ্রসূত ধ্যান-ধারনা (ওফবধং) অত্যন্ত মূল্যবান।
তাই আপনাদের কাছে আমাদের আবেদন, আগামী সংখ্যা থেকে আমরা এ কলামে আপনাদের লেখা পড়তে চাই। নাতিদীর্ঘ কিছু বক্তব্য বা গঠনমূলক সমালোচনা আমাদের ভবিষ্যৎ কর্মপন্থার উপজিব্য হয়ে থাকুক – এই আমাদের কামনা। পরিবেশ ও তার সংরক্ষণ সংক্রান্ত যেকোন লেখাই আমরা সাদরে গ্রহণ করবো। আপনি আপনার মনের কথাগুলো নির্দিধায় দেশের জনগণ বা সরকারের কাছে পেশ করতে পারেন। আমাদের পত্রিকা আপনার এ মতামতকে দেশে বা বিদেশে বিভিন্ন জনের দোর গোড়ায় পৌঁছে দেবে। আপনার এই আবেদন, নিবেদন বা পরামর্শ থেকে দেশের জনগণ বা সরকার যদি কোন আলোকের সন্ধান পায়, তবেই আমাদের এ প্রচেষ্টাটি সফল হবে। আপনাদের সকলের শুভকামনাই আমাদের পাথেয়।

শুভেচ্ছান্তে –
সম্পাদক (চিঠিপত্র কলাম), ন্যাচার স্টাডি
২৩-২৪, বাইতুল আমান মসজিদ মার্কেট, দোতলা, মতিঝিল, ঢাকা-১০০০

Nature Study Society (NSSB) : Annual Activity Report – 2005

Weekly MeetingsMonthly Field TripsTraining ProgramsPublicationParticipation in a Rally on the World Environmental Day

Field Trip at Ramna Park

Meetings were held every Tuesday at 6:00 P.M. at our NSSB Information Center (23-24, Baitul Aman Moshjid Complex, 1st Floor, 7, Inner Circular Road, Motijheel, Dhaka-1000). Discussions on the previous week’s activities and planning for the following week were the main points. Topics concerned – World Environment Day Rally, NSSB registrations, Membership confirmation, Upgrading of Web-Magazine : and quarterly magazine – ‘Nature Study’ publication, Training and other HRD programs.

Field works are organized every month to a given area for observing – Plants, Birds and other animals, along with the ecological and conservational condition. Members of our society this year lead the program and guided members participating from ‘Notre Dame Nature Study Club’.
Anybody interested in Nature Study can join us (with permission) in our field trips or trainings. Anybody can also be a member of our society and can open a ‘Nature Study Club’ under our supervision. To do that, just cut out the membership form, from this magazine, fill it in and mail it to us (direction given in pg. 7).

S Roy at field trip

Trainings on – Photography (PTP), Nature Journalism (NJTP), Field Work (FWTP), Club Management (CMTP) & Office Management (OMTP) etc. are offered time to time to our members. Usually the newly formed ‘Nature Study Clubs’ participate in these trainings to conduct their programs in their respective areas. Anybody interested in our membership and training, should contact with us at our Information Center (Tel.0088-02-710 2219, 88-0175 881 222) (address given in Page 8) or over e-Mail (,
Be our member and open a ‘Nature Study Club’ at your area – You get a free training – Ground Training Program for conducting your club smoothly. You can also visit our web sites ( & for our latest information and programs.

Nature Study Digest

We are trying our best to promote our collection and circulation of facts and news on nature and natural resources as well as their proper conservation with a view to open the eyes of the public growing their awareness about health hazards and natural destructions. We published a handout earlier and this magazine (Nature Study) is our next endeavour. It will continue as a quarterly with a target to be a regular monthly.
We are dedicated in publishing latest issues, sending them door to door for knocking people to be aware up to the date. We are getting positive responses from the public from our web-magazine :, the first of its kind in Bengali, visited by at least 30,000 people per month.
Anybody can communicate with us anytime, online or personally and even over mail and send us authentic and valuable information concerning nature or can send articles (with proper photograph or reference or both). You can even say something positive to people through us. Just write your comments with a recent photograph – we will publish it in this magazine.
A next website – is underway for all our official information and this magazine becomes a part of that. Besides, it will provide a lot of legislative and scientific data for people inquiring those as reference for their articles or speech.
Please, feel free to keep with us.

5th June was the World Environment Day. The department of environment of Bangladesh Govt. organized a rally on the occasion that was held on 10th June, to grow public awareness about natural resources and man-made disasters. 20 of our members along with the members of `Notre Dame Nature Study Club’ participated the rally. The rally started from Osmani Smriti Milonayton at 8:30 am. The Honble. Minister for Forests – M. Tariqul Islam inaugurated the proceeding of the magnificent rally.
A huge number of people from different organizations and NGOs participated the rally with colorful banners and festoons. The main theme of the World Environment Day this year was “Wanted – Seas and Oceans, Dead or Alive”. That signifies that the environmentally conscious naturalists have paid more attention this year on the world’s limited water resources and their proper utilization and conservation.

The Monthly Newsletter of – Nature Study Society of Bangladesh (NSSB). Vol. 1, Issue 1, July, 2018