A male penguin offers a pebble to a female penguin. If she takes it, they become partners

Photo courtesy: Pritam B. Debnath

Adelie penguins make nests from small pebbles, for which their is fierce competition to collect, and pebble stealing is a favorite pass time. Two eggs are usual laid around November with hatching occurring after about 35 days. A male PENGUIN offers a pebble to a female PENGUIN. If she takes it, they become partners.

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An ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain
Dolphins will talk to one another over the phone and can even recognize each other’s voices
Leeches have 32 brains
An electric eel can generate electricity suffcient enough to power up 10 electric bulbs
Jellyfish have been around for 650 million years, which means they have outlived dinosaurs and sharks
A cockroach can live up to several weeks without its head
Giant penguin about the size of a grown man waddled around New Zealand about 59 million years ago
Fish feel pain and suffer just like mammals and birds
Tigers are the only cat species that are completely striped even on their skin and no tiger as the same pattern of strips
All the ants on Earth weigh more than all the humans