Editorial, July 2018

Hello viewers! Welcome to our new gift of the year for you – the monthly ‘Nature Study’, a web Newsletter, updated every month. It contains an editorial, and a number of sections – Nature News (NNW), Conservation ideas and reports (CIR), Field Study Reports (FSR), Eco-Program Reports (EPR), Articles and our activity reports, and with a Reader’s Column, for your knowledgeable feedback. We believe in participatory actions and when readers participate to exchange ideas and information, it becomes think and learn-worthy.

All information and articles given here are represented and preserved carefully for future use. Any interested person can get proper directives and further study materials out of those. Articles are selected carefully so that they promote unbiased and non-political ideas and enthusiasm for further collection and propagation of ideas and knowledge.

So, our request to our readers is to contribute information, ideas, photos, news, articles and feedback for this tiny publication, that can reach huge number of people all over the globe including our members in many countries. Any contribution you are able to make, must be genuine and with references, followed by your name, designation and email address.

With best wishes for all of you and a hope for a green future.

Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan
Editor-in-Chief, Nature Study Newsletter (NSN), &
Chairman, Nature Study Society of Bangladesh (NSSB)
email : chairman@naturestudysociety.org