“Express Your Love for Nature”

Nature Study Society of Bangladesh (NSSB) is a leading-edge multi-diciplinary organization, where you can see a multitude of nature-lovers of tomorrow; the only hope of today’s Bangladesh. NSSB has been working for the advancement of environment-friendly sustainable development, keeping a good pace with such organizations home and abroad. Nature Study Society of Bangladesh (NSSB) is an non-profitable, non-political and non-government voluntary organization, dedicated for the conservation of nature and its resources. NSSB was established in 1996 with the active Life Members of Notre Dame Nature Study Club, it was registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Registration No: S-3543(332/04) on Jan. 13, 2004.

Bar-Headed Goose
Photo: Maroof Rana

Message from the Chairman

I have the pleasure to inform that, after a long enduring endeavor our website is getting a new beautiful and feasible look and style. We have been struggling for it since 1996, the year of our Society’s installation and after a number of changes in its module it has attained the present look. I would like to thank all of you on this memorable occasion, especially our members concerned with its history; but a very special thanks goes to Mr. Shuhan Syeed, whose enthusiasm and sacrifice of the recent years, has encouraged all of us to attain this position.
Another great success of NSSB is in publishing its half-yearly magazine, Nature Study Digest since 2014. We have so far published three issues along with their pdf copies, many of which you have already received through emails. Our first issue was on Green Economy, the second one on Blue Economy and the third one on Earthquake, which are very important issues of the time. Those were able to attract many readers, who loves and cares about nature, its resources and its proper conservation. Our website – www.naturestudysociety.org as well as our facebook page has been displaying the articles and other features published in those magazines in a pdf format.
We have been collecting and circulating facts and knowledge on the latest global environmental issues through our electronic, print and mass media since the beginning and have been in a continuous move in propagating ideas of conservation to the people so that they can adopt a nature-friendly life style. So far our magazines have been circulated to at least 1500 places including embassies, international organizations, Govt. and non-Govt. agencies, universities; excluding our 2500 members, home and abroad, who receive both print and pdf copies of those.
It is noteworthy, we founded Notre Dame Nature Study Club on August 29, 1984 at Notre Dame College, which has achieved very recently (June 05, 2014) the prestigious ‘Bangabandhu National Award for Wildlife Conservation-2014’ and later the interested Life Members of the Club founded the present society, NSSB on August 30, 1996, with the same aims and objectives of the club, but with an extended aspect of working country-wide. Our target is to collect and propagate the facts and knowledge about the latest environmental issues like – ‘Green Economy’, ‘Green Energy (Power)’, ‘Green Chemistry’, ‘Green Banking’, Blue Economy’, ‘Blue Accounting’ etc.
I appeal to all, to come forward to turn those global ideas into reality. You may easily submit articles and wildlife photographs in our website in your own reserved section and increase or modify those time to time. You may make a very good collection of Nature News which has been scrawled for the easiness of reading. You may share your ideas and experiences with people countrywide and globally through our web-media and become one of those who cares about the Mother Nature and encourages people to do so.
My whole hearted wishes are to those, who have already been working in these concerns. We appreciate any sort of suggestion or cooperation, which you might be able to make in favor of our endeavors. So, be with us and thanks a lot for your cooperation and support.

Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan
Chairman, Nature Study Society of Bangladesh (NSSB)
Tel. 01711890113, 01827-179 392
email: chairman@naturestudysociety.org